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on-demand near real-time information about profession-related auction house prices for World of Warcraft

AuctionCraftSniper is free, open-source and will always be. No ads, no tracking, a single cookie to remember your settings. Server cost is 15€/month.
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Ever wondered what's more profitable, selling raw materials or crafting and selling the product? Say no more.

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  • support for previous expansions
  • always interested in community ideas, so please come forward!

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AuctionCraftSniper allows you to directly compare the total cost of materials with its current corresponding product buyout price, telling you what's worth crafting or sniping and what isn't.

All data is taken directly from the Blizzard Auction Data API and gets updated roughly once per hour - more importantly: the page will automatically analyze the newest data if you leave the tab opened.

Select your realm, the professions you'd like to inspect and an expansion level and you're ready to go!



  • Expulsom worth can now automatically be calculated based on your servers economy.
  • introduced settings for custom thresholds
  • added alchemy proc rate

  • parser speed increased by around 85%
  • sorting introduced: to sort a column, simply click on it!

  • heavily improved tables on mobile
  • parser is no longer missing items (approx. 20% were ignored before)

  • added all missing 8.1 recipes
  • added "unlisted"-tag to unlisted recipes & cross-linking to TUJ

  • currently unlisted recipes are visible the same way as lossy recipes
  • many launch-day bugfixes

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  • verify your data is correct
  • manually verify the Blizzard API is available: visit does.theapi.work and check for your region & realm
  • everything looks fine? Then this server might just be under heavy load... sorry for the inconvenience, try again shortly :)
  • last, but not least, open an issue on the Github repository and I'll look into it!

Most recent changes

  • All 8.2 recipes have been added.